Ian Ivey
Business & organisational development, growth and strategic positioning

An experienced 'hands-on' professional

Over 40 years hands on experience in management and consulting roles working with clients and partners in more than 45 countries. Experience includes business management, business and organisational development, investment, reconceiving/restructuring businesses and organisations, strategic foresight, project management, network development and facilitation.

Special interests include sustainability, social entrepreneurship, indigenous business and organisational development, value propositions, business transitions, and international connectedness.

Stakeholder Engagement
Base Case Analysis
Scenario Planning
Strategic Foresight
Reconceiving Oganisations
Strategic Planning & Implementation

Social Media & Online
Engagement Processes
Project Management
Workshops & Events
Tools & Processes

Entrepreneurship & Innovation
Business Plans & Financials
Market Research
Partnering & Investment
Operational Models
Value Propositions
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